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Rebecca Copenhaver

J.R. Howard Hall

“In teaching philosophy, I encourage people to love the power of their own minds. The mind, like the body, must be exercised and exercised through work. Philosophy is the most extreme of extreme sports.”

During my free time, I like to do philosophy, read non-fiction, watch police procedurals, cook, do all sorts of DIY projects, and drink wine with my husband, Greg Bauer, winemaker.

I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from Cornell University in 2002. My research is in Early Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind. I have published in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Res Philosophica, Philosophical Quarterly, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, History of Philosophy Quarterly, Journal for the History of Philosophy, British Journal for the History of Philosophy and the Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the 18th Century.

With Brian P. Copenhaver (UCLA), I co-authored From Kant to Croce: Modern Philosophy in Italy, 1800 – 1950.

I am currently writing a book: A Natural Kind of Magic: Thomas Reid’s Science of Mind. I am also working on another book about the history of Italian philosophy, co-authored with Brian P. Copenhaver. I am also working on some co-authored papers with my colleague Jay Odenbaugh on aesthetics and perception.

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Rebecca Copenhaver’s office is located in room 231 of John R. Howard Hall.


voice 503-768-7441

Rebecca Copenhaver Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road MSC 45 Portland OR 97219 USA